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About Viking Oak Kennels & Animal Sanctuary in Sevenoaks, Kent

We provide each dog with a purposely designed kennel which is kept immaculately clean and warm (heated). Complete with its own bed, bedding and connected covered outdoor exercise area.

Boarding kennels


We provide a rehoming service for dogs in need of a new home. We will never put a dog down due to the lack of a suitable home, and take great care to ensure dogs are placed in homes that will enable them to live a happy life.

Our animal sanctuary

• Over 50 years' experience

• Vet available

• Open Bank Holidays

• Dog rehoming service

• Huge range of accessories available

• Comfortable boarding kennels

Why choose us?


Here at Viking Oak Kennels we pride ourselves on being a family-run business that’s been established for more than 40 years, offering our guests the very best in quality boarding accommodation. The care we provide for your and our animals is first class and we stock a range of accessories in our shop.

We are open 7 days a week, including bank holidays so why not give us a visit?

We have carefully selected staff

With 12 staff, each carefully selected for their love and affection for animals, our kennel staff have plenty of time for individual exercise, play and contact with dogs and cats in their care.


All kennel units are large, heated and well insulated to ensure year-round comfort whatever the weather. Their own attached run is completely covered and waterproof.

dog jumping up at the mesh of its kennel Viking Oak staff standing outside with 3 Alsatians Viking Oak staff member sitting on a bench with an Alsatian


To Colliewobbles...

A big thank you to Sandra Giles and everyone at Colliewobbles who often give very generously to the dogs in our sanctuary. They provide us with newspaper, toys, food, bedding and much more, making a great contribution to the cause and making the dogs stay with us, for however long or short, as comfortable as possible. A big thank you from all the staff and dogs here at Viking Oak, it is very much appreciated.

Can you help us?? We are in desperate need of a loving homes for our rescue dogs.

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If you believe you can be a suitable match

please give us a ring.

Dog Sanctuary

We are very happy to announce that Bruce an adult GSD cross has finally been rehomed. He unfortunately ended up staying with us for 9 months as his size and lack of socialization made it difficult for us to find him a suitable home. Although after lots of persistance he was rehomed to a lovely family who are going to take very good care of him and take him for regular walks and even start running with him. He was a pleasure to have in our care and we wish him all the best in his new home.  



This little patterdale terrier female came into us a stray from the tonbridge and malling area. She arrived in very poor condition suffering from a skin infection which had been left for a long period of time. The infection was most severe around the lower part of her face and was obvioulsy causing her much pain and discomfort as behaviourly she was very withdrawn. After a visit to the vets she was perscribed a course of antibiotics and eye drops and now after one week her condition has made great improvements. It is unsure whether her scars will fully heal but currently she is improving daily and is obviously feeling better in herself as she is now a happy, bouncy and lively dog. We are now happy to announce that she has now found herself a new loving home to be able to fully recover, all the staff wish her the very best.














For her full story please visit our working progress page